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Lin charm of gantry saw how teach you annatto open

Release time:2016-03-21

     In annatto furniture production work, used for cutting band saw, sawing road is 2.5 mm, usually at a time when more sophisticated saw road 5 mm.Although only 1 mm forward precision, save the material is not a small number.But the market value of the technical renovation, didn't get working people generally pay attention to and pay attention to.To this end, we particularly for annatto furniture factory, the boss of an account, to do a quantitative analysis of the value of this 1 mm, to see.
     Annatto material is annatto furniture boss pays attention to a link.Good wood, not only according to the classifying the is curve, the thickness of it, but also according to the production demand, considering cutting plate texture, length and thickness.So work hard, as is reasonable materials to the maximum limit.However, the other one has a huge role on material elements - saw road, usually neglected.      

    Because of do furniture have to break into the thick and thick logs, put the material into planks, annatto saw to the material loss is inevitable.The thickness of the band saw and circular saw blades, saw the size of the road, directly affect the mahogany wood yield.For example, a piece of the material thickness is 200 mm, want to open into 20 boards.Ambition, by sawing 20 times calculation, 2.5 mm saw road, loss of 50 mm thickness, the thickness of the sheet after all useful for 150 mm, the rate of 75%;If saw road, accurate to 1.5 mm, thickness loss of just 30 mm, the thickness of the sheet after all useful for 170 mm, the rate of 85%.Both comparisons, precision forward 1 mm saw road, forward the material rate by 10%. 
     Advance 10% of the rate of material in the material is scarce, expensive mahogany furniture production work, means to save a considerable sum of money.Canadian fruit red sandalwood, a ton of temporary business accounting according to 18000 yuan, 10% is equal to save 1800 yuan, 100 tons of wood open down, can save 180000 yuan;Get 15 one thousand tons in cocobolo, 10% is equal to save 15000 yuan, 100 tons of open down, can save 1.5 million yuan.Such as the measure, about more high-end, more expensive old materials, good material, saw way forward of the value of 1 mm, precision is more incredible.In fact, that the meaning and value of 1 mm is far more than these. 

       Saw the precision of progress, makes the cutting down of the surface of the plate more level off, smooth, delicate, with fine sand paper burnish, can be directly used to make furniture, so as to save again planing wood loss (usually planing thickness in 0.3 0.5 mm).This not only saves labor costs, but also further forward material yield by 1% to 1%.Always, annatto furniture company cannot underestimate the precision forward this 1 mm saw road, a year, it is for owners to save money to buy wood, can buy a set of luxury villa!