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Crazy annatto, hyperplasia of the high precision o

Release time:2016-03-21

Annatto raw material up crazy
     According to the personage inside course of study, annatto furniture has replaced calligraphy and painting and jewelry collection, become the most appreciation potential price rise velocity is large, and mixing with calligraphy and painting, antique true and false, annatto furniture collection almost no risk.
     It is understood that from late last year to now, just half a year's time, part of annatto raw material prices up more than 40%.Pay toe cocobolo, for example, from 7 to 80000 yuan/ton rose to 110000 yuan/tons, up by more than 40%, for the mahogany prices leading varieties.In addition to pay toe cocobolo, hua limu prices also rose by nearly 30%.
Redwood products sell crazy  

     Annatto raw material drying up of resources caused by value-added sex makes.although annatto furniture, but also the important reasons of annatto furniture prices continue to rise.In addition, the relevant professionals, said people income increase and the continuous improvement of cultural quality, classic furniture is gradually into People's Daily lives, which represented by yellow rosewood, rosewood mahogany furniture because of its multiple appreciation potential, has become an important option for the many people to invest.
    Since last year, the price of annatto furniture, has been constantly rising, how much higher, the company's situation is different, is not a industry whole Numbers.A mahogany industry leading enterprises, however, the sky is red, for example, annatto furniture is due to their company "by weight" and "letter, therefore, as long as see all kinds of unit price list you can see the annatto furniture is to increase production.According to the sky red company offer, from December 2010 to June of this year, half a year time, chrysanthemum pear furniture from RMB 3599 / kg up to 4499 yuan/kg, or 25%,Lobular red sandalwood furniture from RMB 1699 / kg up to 2899 yuan/kg, or 70.63%,Laos red acid branch furniture from RMB 419 / kg up to 619 yuan/kg, or 47.73%.  

      Market, has always been "to buy or not to buy up", annatto price rose, focus on annatto products more and more consumers, consumer purchasing power of annatto also doubled.
     Woodworking planer saw manufacturers favor is broken.
     Annatto soaring up, arises at the historic moment of high-precision gantry saw log is also popular in the market, especially the charm of heavy MJ900 horizontal gantry saw Lin is red wood processing plants, charmed gantry saw Lin has processing speed, small saw road, quality is stable, province saw blade and a series of advantages, the big increase a processing advantages.

     The eight performance advantages of woodworking machinery gantry saw -- -- - Lin to tell you.
Woodworking machinery of the gantry saw not only can directly open the log, the large horizontal band sawing machine, saw the road is small, fast, is a large red wood, teak, red sandalwood, hua li rare wood and other valuable timber, such as the preferred processing machine tools, automatic material return, manual also have the following several characteristics:
1. The charm of gantry saw Lin humanized operation interface.One-time clamping, material can be cut out.
2. -- - Lin gantry saw exclusive patent new double support gantry structure, a saw blade tension is not easy to run parallel with, greatly improving the service life of the cutting speed and blade.
3. Lin charmed gantry saw wheel is made of high quality grey steel, then through dynamic balancing correction, ensure the movement is smooth, convex type wheel surface effectively so as to prevent sliding out saw saw wheel.
4. -- - Lin gantry saw machine adopts the fog cooling system, provide efficient cooling, saw belt and can clear the sawdust on the sawtooth, extend the service life of saw band mate.
5. -- - Lin gantry saw two saw blade guide, made from special tool steel, excellent abrasion resistance.
6. -- - Lin gantry saw large machine tool use special overloading of the guide rail, has the characteristics of high precision, overloading, less wear and tear, can walk under the condition of high speed, heavy high performance
7. -- - Lin gantry saw mathematical thickness, according to quickly and accurately adjust the position of saw blade.
8. Lin charmed gantry saw hydraulic blade tensioning automatic compensation system, ensure the best tension of saw blade moment, prolong the service life of saw blade.