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Environmental protection, we start from the sawing

Release time:2016-03-25

      Now every day is a grey sky, environmental protection is vital important to us, also we have a clean piece of the sky, from the metal band sawing machine, band sawing machine can operate all use 220 v voltage, divided into automatic packaging and manual cutting two kinds, it is absolutely the material existence of no environmental pollution, the factory are after 72 hours test.

     Sawing machine equipment flexibility is very important, now the market has a high requirement on the product, so for many customers, also need the equipment must be flexible enough, so the material cutting would have more possibilities, our production sawing machine from the original control system, effective in optimizing the performance of our equipment capability, control of the equipment on more excellent, and our stand-alone equipment in production line of online enterprise production is also relatively smooth, avoid incompatible situation.Good equipment experience is to provide maximum convenience in operation, and also for consumers to achieve satisfactory in effect.

     We will also low carbon environmental protection concept is added to the enterprise long-term development planning, and now with the continuous development of global economy, the environmental pollution was also fully aware that the development of economy there is no doubt to the benefits of people is different from the past, but if at the expense of the environment at the expense of it is not worth the cost.Also is the trend of The Times but not limited to in the development of low carbon environmental protection, although this is the enterprise in the development of the equipment to follow, but also cannot lack the innovation of science and technology work.