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Longmen movable horizontal band band sawing machin

Release time:2016-03-25

       Domestic wood equipment development present situation, found that problem of wood equipment in our country and the gap with developed countries.Charmed Lin machinery factory according to the market demand and the band saw cutting principle, the structure of sports car woodworking band saw has carried on the innovation design, development and design a kind of longmen movable horizontal band sawing machine.

      In accordance with the relevant national standards of longmen movable horizontal band sawing machine prototype system material, draw the conclusion: the machine of the indicators have reached the design requirements.Lin charm design gantry movable horizontal lumber band sawing machine, can improve the cutting accuracy and production efficiency, with reasonable structure, material saving, easy to operate, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, lumber is particularly suited to such needs a high quality, precision requirements of users, Lin charm band saw has a broad market prospect and economic value.