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About the attention points for the safe use of ban

Release time:2016-03-14
Band sawing machine is high speed saw wheel drives the saw blade in sawing wood machinery, operation should pay attention to the following:
1) make full check before starting work, check the mechanical components and safe protection devices in detail is good, saw blade without damage and rupture, nails, wire head on wood or other hard stuff, all have no problem to boot.
2) after startup, to reach a maximum speed of saw blade, to feed, the feed rate should be according to the material hardness and softness, and presence of she, crack and sawing material thickness control, etc.Feed to watch curf, into saw to be steady and slow, not too hard;In case of damage of saw blade cuts.
3) sawing, always observe operation of saw blade, such as blade occurred before and after the move, a broken voice and other abnormal phenomenon, should stop immediately, in case of broken blade cuts;
4) operation, hands and saw blade should keep a certain distance, the distance shall not be less than 50 cm, and no promised hand saw blade, in case of hurting hands.
5) during sawing, sawing are not allowed to side adjustment guide;Operate the saw blade, also not allowed to adjust saw card, in case of an accident.
6) laid hands on him when send back wood, wood should be paid attention to and the location of the saw blade, in order to avoid collision or wood to take off the blade.If in sawing binging phenomenon, by hand should be separate curf wood, do not retreat, in case of saw blade loss.When work surface saw blade passage has the obstruction, such as chip used sticks, downtime rule out when necessary, must not remove with the hand, in case of hurting hands.
7) when the unloaded saw blade, must cut off power supply, etc. After saw blade is stationary;When in saw blade, and get a steady hand, prevent blade bounce cuts.