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The jealousy Lin machinery introduce characteristi

Release time:2016-03-25
Lin charm characteristics of gear grinding machine
1, this product is based on the principle of yi-ology, will, can make the novice to become professional technicians and design;
2, after strict manufacturing and quality control, this product is just a normal routine maintenance, as well as long time to ensure the precision of lapping;
3, must move to adjust lever or knob, do the reasonable arrangement, let the operator can easily adjust the serrated cutting Angle, the back clearance Angle and the tooth depth, etc;
4, this machine is controlled by a knob to adjust the adjacent blade height difference, so it is concluded that C type height difference tooth type;
5, based on the change of the thickness, can quickly adjust, and adjust the thickness of the by a scale read;
6, this product is adjustable on the nose, or the place, the unnecessary replacement of grinding wheel grinding chamfering work;
7, this product feed grasp, end welding with tungsten carbide ceramic wear, push the arm design to ensure that the modified to do
Gear grinding machine, Lin charmed gear grinding machine series
More details please consult the jealousy Lin's official website: www.lincanjixie.com