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Lin charmed sawing machine cutting precision are c

Release time:2016-03-26

        Sawing machine guide arm of the orientation Angle of clamping of saw blade and sawing machine workbench is not vertical:

       Solution: ok saw blade, adjust saw orientation Angle bolts, square with saw blade working mesa.

       Second, the band saw blade may loose, when tight saw blade.

       Three, band saw blade may wear:

       Solution: if the saw blade has fixed value can repair, if not just change the saw blade.

       Four, band saw cutting feed speed is too fast, adjust the speed regulating valve makes the feed speed slowly.

       Five, the distance between guide arm of sawing machine is too large, adjust the guide arm distance, general 6-10 cm than wood

       Six small corner of sawing machine, sawing machine guide bearings may be damaged, replace the small bearings can!

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