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Sawing machine installation and commissioning befo

Release time:2016-03-26

       Sawing machine hydraulic oil should be on foot, on a sliding and rotating parts.

      Saw belt, adjustment in the second, the band sawing machine is installed when tight device (rotating saw frame on the left side of the handle) that saw up close to the right degree, at the same time adjust good trip switch contact came across block iron, in an open position.

      Third, add enough coolant water cooling tank.

      After more than four, ready for work, turn on the juice and reliable grounding must be standard, open the power switch (on the electric control box), start the sawing test, according to the indicated on spin to the correct wiring signs, at the same time listen to the sound is normal.Let the saw bow down automatically in the process of operation, make the cut down to below the workbench 0.5 ~ 1 mm, limit moment with collision block automatically rise, when whether to limit position height automatic stop, experiment three times in a row.Running in the process of adjusting device in a state of relaxation, let go of stroke switch contact collision block power shutdown, experiment three times in a row.

      Five, check up and down cylinder device, check the saw bow to lift and fall, reliable and flexible.

      Six, check the clamping device, relaxing cylinders, check whether the clamping reliable clamping, relaxation is flexible.

      Seven, adjust the speed control knob, switch to "1 (low speed), speed to 2 file (high speed) operation, experiment three times repeatedly.

      Eight, after the main motor switch power supply, water pump to start at the same time, the corresponding cooling system normal operation.Debug the valve and check whether the cooling fluid is smooth.
After more than nine, ready for work, loading clamps locked, try cutting.
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