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Charmed Lin machinery to introduce you to horizont

Release time:2016-03-26

         Lin charmed horizontal woodworking band saw, is by the saw frame, parallelogram adjustment device or four screw adjusting device, double-side-glued, orbit and lifting bracket, etc.Timber fixed when the machine work, orbits to be stable and fixed on the wood, sawing machine installed on the orbit, through the parallelogram adjustment device, adjust the degree of thickness of timber processing, make the sawing machine is cut along the wood do.Light energy not only to large and long timber processing, quality is guaranteed.Widely used in sawmills, shipyards and mountain wood cutting field for flow processing.

Horizontal band sawing machine
         Lord of the saw blade cutting movement is one-way, continuous, so is easier to increase cutting speed [1].With one saw band saw can only, achieving reasonable ways before next saw to improve the rate and quality of timber.On the band saw machine can use thin blade, saw narrow road, opposite the sawdust can reduce the loss.

Horizontal band sawing machine faults
        Due to the thickness of the saw blade is thinner, the free length is larger, and therefore less rigid when sawing wood, prone to vibrate, affect the processing quality.Proficiency and use of operating workers saw technical requirements higher.

Charmed Lin machinery to introduce you to horizontal woodworking band saw
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