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The 10th Shanghai woodworking opening of more than

Release time:2016-03-26

       In the face of the global financial crisis, domestic woodworking machinery industry is still a concerted effort to domestic woodworking machinery industry large-scale professional exhibitions are held.The 10th China international exhibition of forestry, woodworking machinery and supply woodworking exhibition (Shanghai) on February 17 to 20, to be held in Shanghai new international expo center, exhibition, there will be over 400 domestic and foreign enterprises are great China pavilion.

  Shanghai woodworking show as a global financial storm after the first forest industry in China international exhibition, will provide all the buyers at home and abroad procurement and opportunity to get to know the latest trends of the industry.

  China forestry machinery association secretary general Ma Qisheng said: "many domestic companies to the Shanghai woodworking show, more price competitive advantage is due to the overseas export market, many overseas buyers put Shanghai woodworking show as they choose Chinese woodworking machinery equipment of conventional platform; customer at this stage need to update equipment, more than any time in order to improve labor efficiency to reduce labor costs. Furniture and wood products production enterprises are in urgent need of efficient machinery and equipment, improve production efficiency and product quality."Wood shortage in the market at present, most of the wood industry manufacturers choose horizontal bandsaw, gantry sawed off, this kind of equipment manual, save material, achieve a win-win situation for the wood industry manufacturers, guangdong -- - Lin machinery specialized research production of horizontal band saw, planer saw, grinding machine, this kind of woodworking machinery, with large wood for a total of unita development.

  Faced with a tough situation of Chinese forestry machinery association, active in all aspects of the coordination.Harbin woodworking machinery association, Qingdao woodworking machinery association, Shanghai woodworking machinery trade association and guangdong shun delun teach carpenter woodworking machinery chamber of commerce will continue to support Shanghai exhibition.Qingdao woodworking machinery association, honorary President of colton, Qingdao HuaShunChang woodworking machinery manufacturing co., LTD. General manager said: "we invited customers from India, Italy, the Netherlands and Russia."Qingdao woodworking machinery association, vice chairman, Qingdao wintec power Zhu Yaguang wood industry machinery co., LTD. General manager said: "our main Russian buyers confirm to attend the event."Shanghai man-made board machinery co., LTD., the project manager wen-zhong gao said: "we invited India, Brazil, Mexico and Iran customer attend trade shows and other activities."

  From the current audienAce pre-registration, according to a report this year from India, southeast Asia, the Middle East and Russia, etc. The number of overseas audience is significantly higher than in previous years.The domestic audience is mainly engaged in forestry, pretreating, man-made board, wood furniture manufacturing, wood doors and Windows, floor and interior decoration, etc.

  This exhibition is sole support by European woodworking machinery manufacturers association.During the exhibition will be held in a series of workshops, provide free communication consulting platform.Meeting topics including forest management, processing of timber logging transport, wood and wood products market, the wooden doors and Windows, wood and wood stair in the interior decoration application trend.