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In 2009, the Middle East (dubai) wood and woodwork

Release time:2016-03-26

In 2009, the Middle East (dubai) wood and woodworking machinery exhibition
Time: April 21-23, 2009
To: dubai world trade center

  【Exhibits range】
       Wood products: wooden furniture and accessories, repair parts, wooden doors and Windows, wood, logs, hardwood, cork, plywood, veneer, decorative cardboard, all kinds of panels, wood line, wooden floor, wooden crafts, decorative wood and wooden decorations, ambry, abrasive products, processing and surface treatment equipment, pneumatic nail, nail gun, personal protective equipment, woodworking technology used in construction, related to wood products
     Woodworking machinery class: wood processing equipment, molding board, glass beads, wall board/panel/coating equipment, wood processing equipment, the blades/knives, boring machine, grinding machine/close Angle machine, cutting tools, mortise machine, cutting and forming machine, roll forming machine, sanding/polishing machine, rotary cutting machine, glue machine, cutting machine, plywood subscribes machine, laminating machine, lathe, molding, drying equipment, dust collection equipment, vacuum cleaner, bleaching plant, adhesive, fixed system, joinery board and line, equipment, small board equipment, crushing equipment, pulp equipment, special equipment for making wood, business services, transportation and logistics)

      【The exhibition introduces 】
        Be held once a year in the wood and woodworking machinery exhibition is in the Middle East only timber and wood mechanical professional exhibitions, organizing by well-known Strategic Middle East exhibition company, it will attract more than 40 countries and regions in the world of exhibitors to showcase their products, will be in the Middle East and other international wood industry manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and traders to provide a display of woodworking machinery, learn good carpenter technology platform, to provide the exhibitors with international buyers face-to-face communication opportunity, to buyers and sellers to establish sustainable trade relations of cooperation, and bring the latest wood products for the whole woodworking industry, machinery, accessories and technology, is advantageous to the exhibitors to improve product quality and enrich product categories.
       Exhibition brings including oil-rich Arab countries, an independent association, East Africa, and is on the rise of Indian peninsula, with a population of 1 billion market.Exhibitors can conduct site sales, also can through the local industry open up new markets.This exhibition will promote local woodworking machinery and wood with local exchanges and trade, as well as to open the Middle East market, improve the image of the company and the product of international companies rolled out road.

  Review the previous show: the annual dubai international timber and wood equipment exhibition in February 2008 was held at the dubai world trade center for the first time.This exhibition from the united Arab emirates, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, ivory coast, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, China, Britain, the United States in 15 countries and regions such as professional wood and woodworking machinery companies to participate in the exhibition, but also attracted 3181 professional visitors in the Middle East.Satisfied with the exhibition, 90% of the audience, 10% of viewers hope to have more exhibitors.Ahead of the exhibition for the first time, also attracted more international professional timber companies, many companies also said it would attend to visit the exhibition 

         he German woodworking machinery professional association for the second time in Siberia shows German equipment
        On August 11, 2009, in Frankfurt, Germany - after the successful participation of krasnoyarsk Tekhnodrev exhibition last year, despite the current economic situation is not optimistic, but Germany leading sawing wood industry equipment manufacturers will in Siberia to show Russia's customers and potential Chinese investors in Germany technology.By the organization of the VDMA six German equipment suppliers will attend this is located in the east of the urals woodworking machinery industry an important exhibition.This exhibition held from November 17 to 20, 2009."Especially for sawing wood industry equipment suppliers, is gradually developed into a major market in Russia. Although the current financial crisis is quite serious, but the Russian market still has its obvious advantages. So in the coming April 2010 the city of khabarovsk Tekhnodrev VDMA show exhibitors will also organize the German delegation. We look forward to the future is in the east of the urals can also communicate with Chinese investors to strengthen closely. This exhibition will provide the exhibitors with customers with a good platform for the exchange and cooperation."German machinery association says Dr Dirr, general manager of woodworking machinery association.

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