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The output of the Italian woodworking machinery ma

Release time:2016-03-26

            Italian woodworking machinery and plywood industry difficult times still continue in the second quarter of this year, people are eagerly waiting to have long periods of economic recovery is still out of reach.Can be seen from the related data, the Italian production of woodworking machinery market stall.

           According to A looking a1] strip Italian woodworking machinery market in the survey of the most representative enterprises, according to the second quarter of 2009 Italian woodworking machinery equipment order 53. Compared with the same period in 2008 reduced 8%, mainly due to the overseas market order to reduce the 58. 5%.The Italian orders in the domestic market is also reduced to 35. 6%.Even so, in the second quarter of 2009 has improved compared with the first quarter.

           In the second quarter of 2009 prices fell slightly (reduced the 0. 1%), guaranteed production period is about 2 months l.

           According to the sampling survey: 68% of the company production, 29% of the company's stable, while the other 3% growth.65% of respondents said stable employment, 35% of the company layoffs.45% of the company's existing inventories remain stable, 42%, other 13% growth.The future market trends will be quite stable, although people realized the trend of the orders have stopped, but it is not means that the industry will soon meet and warm period.On the contrary, many people think that the Italian woodworking machinery industry production levels will fall back to levels last seen before the financial crisis.The third quarter of 2009, 10% of respondents believe that international orders will increase, 61% of the company thought to be stable, the other 2 g that will reduce the % of the company.Future orders for domestic market, 58% of | party company thought to be stable, 7% of the company that will increase, while the other 35% of the company believes will decline.

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