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The Chinese woodworking machinery has stronger int

Release time:2016-03-26

            It is understood that the 2005 Shanghai international woodworking machinery exhibition area increased by 55% over the previous year, the exhibition is divided into three galleries, WoodMac pavilion display early, middle and advanced woodworking machinery technology;The main exhibits FurniTek pavilion for furniture production of hardware fittings and accessories;WoodBuild pavilion contains the logs, plate, sheet, man-made board, floor and all kinds of wood products.The exhibition of a significant change is that as the Chinese woodworking machinery has developed rapidly in recent years, China's machinery accounted for half of the entire machinery pavilion, more than the past.German group international machinery pavilion in the exhibition.Other large national pavilion of Austria, Italy and Spain.Including door handle, drawer slide, furniture round foot, decorative panels and spraying of hardware fittings and accessories of FurniTek pavilion, has some of the top enterprises to participate in industry. 

           Domestic woodworking machinery changed 
           Experts analyzed the cause of the decline in number of foreign exhibitors.There are foreign enterprises and long-distance expenses to the booth, but more importantly, the exhibition efficiency decreases.Many audiences and buyers only see for foreign brands, buy less.Because in recent years, domestic woodworking machinery quality has been greatly improved, in domestic woodworking machinery has already formed the mature quality system, all aspects can compete with foreign brands, and the price is much lower than the foreign brands, so customers prefer to choose domestic woodworking machinery.No market, foreign brand woodworking machinery is lost to the domestic participation enthusiasm, exhibitors number down naturally.

           In the sixties and seventies, China's woodworking machinery technology to 50 years behind the developed countries, to be lagging behind in the 80 s, 20 years, now has less than 10 years, and even some technology has to catch up with the international advanced level, China's woodworking machinery manufacturing has formed a complete quality system. 

           Soft rib  after-sale service become the foreign product
           It is understood that in order to and domestic woodworking machinery enterprise competition, foreign brands have some prices, but compared with domestic products, prices are still high many, does not have a competitive advantage.In addition to the price factor, after-sales service and maintenance is another soft rib of the foreign brands.Expert introduction, in previous years, there are a lot of companies are more expensive to buy foreign woodworking machinery, however, use a few years later, maintenance and accessories became a very big problem to worry about.Product is out of order, we cannot repair, producers are waiting for the other party sent maintenance personnel, due to the distance, time generally held up for a long time, often has caused a serious loss to the manufacturer.In addition, buy foreign machinery, oneself can't literally change, use accessories, otherwise makers think that changing the mechanical structure, refused to guarantee.If the use of domestic products, these will not happen.Therefore, a trend in recent years, foreign woodworking machinery brand in the domestic market share has been shrinking. 

           A third German companies may  have factories in China
           However, experts also say that, although the Chinese woodworking machinery has already has a strong competitive power, especially on price than foreign brands have great advantage, but will not give up the big China market for foreign companies.After in recent years, the rapid development of Chinese furniture industry has become the world's largest producer of furniture, the furniture of large manufacturing demand for woodworking machinery is also huge.Some experts believe that China has become the world's largest woodworking machinery market.

           It is a huge Chinese woodworking machinery market appeal, make the international woodworking machinery brand will not easily give it up.It is understood that in order to improve the price competitiveness, many foreign woodworking machinery enterprises to choose the factories in China to reduce costs.At present, there have been several foreign brand of top class woodworking machinery factories in China.Experts estimate that there will be a third of the German woodworking machinery enterprise to factories in China.

           Foreign enterprises to China woodworking machinery factories, natural cost would be greatly reduced, so the domestic product price advantage will disappear.If this situation to become widespread, for domestic woodworking machinery industry will be a severe test.Though, it seems, have occupied the domestic market, there is a clear price advantage, but domestic woodworking machinery enterprise if not as soon as possible, improve product quality, reducing the gap between and foreign brands, the already in the next round of competition, it may be difficult to happy again.