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The Spanish international woodworking machinery an

Release time:2016-03-26

       Valencia in Spain international woodworking machinery and furniture accessories exhibition (FIMMA - MADERALIA) is currently the world's woodworking machinery, furniture production equipment and furniture accessories seniority, scale and influence in the field of one of the professional exhibition, held once every two years (held) on every single years, has so far held 32, history for 65 years.FIMMA woodworking machinery exhibition, MADERALIA accessories for furniture exhibition, in fact the two exhibition was held at the same place and by the same host, the merger.
      In the world of woodworking machinery and furniture accessories, in the exhibition FIMMA - MADERALIA one of sustained growth of the exhibition is one of the few movements, each session of exhibition area and visiting customers quantity are increasing.In accordance with the information provided by the fair organizer, the last exhibition (2005) in valencia in Spain international exhibition center, with a total area of 78000 square meters, a total of from 35 countries and regions more than 1300 exhibitors, exhibition attracted 46851 professional visitors at the exhibition, and negotiate, customers mainly from Spain, the European Union, Latin America and the Mediterranean countries, the proportion of foreign customers accounted for 11%.In 2005 90% of visiting buyers said will come again the next exhibition procurement.
       The exhibition without China exhibition, the exhibition will collect the products enterprise directory for review and in strict accordance with the product category distribution pavilion.Standard booth will be subject to show the final distribution to determine size.