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Tenth Beijing international furniture and woodwork

Release time:2016-03-26

           By the China international exhibition center (group) corporation, China building decoration association, Beijing furniture industry association jointly organized the "the 10th China Beijing international furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition", by the national federation of industry and furniture decoration industry chamber of commerce and the China building decoration association hosted "the third China (Beijing) international annatto furniture exhibition" and sponsored by the Beijing furniture industry association "the first international luxury furniture exhibition" on November 14 to 17, 2007, held in China international exhibition center.In both Chinese and foreign exhibitors and the strong support and cooperate with the relevant organizations and people, the exhibition was a complete success. 

          Beijing international furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition since founded in 1998, under the joint efforts of the organizers and the exhibitors, has successfully held the ninth, there are more than 3200 exhibitors and more than 30 purchasers, dealers and professionals from all walks of life to participate in the exhibition.Today, Beijing international furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition has held the tenth, became the most popular professional traded in northern China international furniture industry event.

          402 sino-foreign exhibitors participated in the exhibition, exhibition, a total of five exhibition area: classical annatto furniture exhibition, office furniture exhibition, luxury furniture exhibition area, woodworking machinery exhibition and raw and auxiliary materials.Exhibitors were from the United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on more than 10 countries.The exhibition in the famous furniture brand, staples, dawn, the Yangtze river, the temple of heaven today SAN mei, jing tai, magnitude of ao wei to exhibit in the large area, woodworking machinery and cutting tools manufacturers pill zhong, lamy north, south xing, weed, qiu Lin, qingcheng mountain, bo, yu hong, chang guan manufacturers the broad-leaved wood board and furniture material and accessories, Australian hardwood association, rehau, east lake tai, Lin, huaxing era, shigeru cooperation, hundreds of domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers such as Lin took part in this exhibition.

          The exhibition annatto furniture pavilion still become a highlight of the exhibition.Annatto furniture, in order to let more people to know, contact insight to the charm of annatto furniture, the organizing committee specially arranged for nearly more than 4000 square meters of annatto exhibition, at the same time, invited the famous annatto furniture enterprises exhibitors from all over the world, such as the red sun, good control, the far east, jie, daming reign, hua yi, etc.During the exhibition, the first remainings of redwood national standard Yang Guju, de-xiang zhang, vice director of Chinese society for the study of classical furniture, researcher at the national Palace Museum de-sheng hu, classical furniture enthusiasts club President xiu-lin wang were on the scene with the exhibitors and annatto lovers did live seminars and consulting activities.

          Visit the exhibition total to nearly 35000 people, nearly 5900 people, including overseas audience trade visitors accounted for 85%.From Poland, Russia, Canada, France, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, countries such as Argentina and Vietnam are professional buyers groups to visit specially, a lot of exhibitors in the exhibition scene around with buyer signed a purchase agreement, most exhibitors are satisfied with the scene of the trade sign the bill quantity.

          On November 14, 2007, the exhibition opening ceremony was held at 10 am in the China international exhibition center.Li wenkai, vice-president of China international exhibition center (group) corporation, China furniture association, chairman of the Jia Qingwen, bing-bing zhang, deputy director of China building decoration association, executive vice President of Xu Peng, chief architect pro, the national federation furniture industry association secretary-general chuan-xi zhang, director of the national quality supervision and inspection center of woodworking machinery chih-jen lee, managing ying-jie qi, deputy director of the Beijing furniture industry association Zhou Weiming Locke is reasonable, the asia-pacific media group general manager, Beijing commercial and trade co., LTD., general manager of JiYe staples, etc., attended the opening ceremony.Attended the opening ceremony and various provinces and cities, wood furniture association, woodworking machinery association, the national famous furniture, materials and woodworking machinery enterprises and exhibitors from home and abroad, the personage inside course of study and the leadership of the professional audience, etc.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing furniture industry association, vice President of ms Yu Xiusu on behalf of the organizers of a brief opening speech, by li wenkai, Jia Qingwen, Xu Peng, fook, chuan-xi zhang, Zhou Weiming, JiYe, Yu Xiusu to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony.

          Support in order to thank the exhibitors for the exhibition, the organizing committee held in Beijing on November 16, yunlong hotel design awards, awards and recognition dinner.China building decoration association Ma Ting expensive, China building decoration association chief architect pro, vice President of China furniture association zhu changling, the national federation furniture industry association secretary-general chuan-xi zhang, national woodworking machinery quality supervision and inspection center, deputy director of the standing ying-jie qi, Beijing furniture industry association Zhou Weiming, brought the group manager of Beijing hua Hong Kong exhibition co., LTD., general manager of wang, the asia-pacific media reasonable Locke attended the awards and recognition dinner and award for the winning unit.Ma Ting your President on behalf of the organizers of the speech, the President said in a speech to the asia-pacific media group for dinner sponsor named "the night of triumph Louvre reception party, to has for years been concerned about and support our Beijing exhibition of leaders at all levels, experts and local association, the Chinese and foreign exhibitors and visitors express our heartfelt thanks!

          Dinner is for office furniture, classical annatto furniture, civil furniture, such as outstanding supplier award units for the award ceremony.In order to interact with guests, active the atmosphere of the dinner, the organizing committee also conducted on-site classical annatto furniture auction and appreciation activities, performing artists presented wonderful performances for everyone.Relevant association leadership and exhibitors and news media both at home and abroad more than 900 people attended the party.