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European woodworking machinery sales promotion But

Release time:2016-03-26

           European woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises for the production development of the enterprise constantly struggling, but still can see the development of hope.

          Although passed in 2010 and early 2011's economic recovery, Buetfering aware now sales of woodworking machinery has been in a low level.Technology trade turnover of 7 billion euros in 2010, however, the equivalent of the woodworking machinery association member enterprise economy created by 56.2%.

          When Buetfering read in valencia FIMMA Maderalia woodworking show in this paper, and it comes to technology development trend.He thought, technology in development, woodworking machinery has become not the same as before;Now the energy consumption of 30% lower compared with the same efficiency standards.With the improvement of automation level, they will become more flexible.Now automation or "one factory" has become a common idea, is no longer a dream for the future.