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Guangdong furniture woodworking machinery, such as

Release time:2016-03-26

            In recent years, the pearl river delta economic development within the enterprise technology updates faster, workers need to keep learning new technology, as a measure of workers' professional examination standards of the technical level of the natural will improve accordingly.Professional skill appraisal center of guangdong province, said that the guangdong will launch a batch of rich local characteristics in the region of a new career, and to carry out the relevant professional qualification certification.

           It is understood that the launch of a new career in seven areas: huizhou, chaozhou, maoming, zhongshan, guangzhou, shaoguan and zhaoqing.Among them, the textile industry and zhongshan maoming furniture industry is relatively developed, launched the weaving equipment wipe Turner etc. Four new career.In addition to a new career, guangdong also launched 39 professional special ability, all these special ability is indispensable to the regional characteristic industry professional ability, be included in the professional skill appraisal center of guangdong province development, certification of special ability.In addition, jiangmen, shunde, dongguan will undertake processing injection molding machines, furniture assembly, quality control, carpenter sanding, yarn buffer and a series of special ability for certification.

           Parts of guangdong characteristics in the new career recommendation "furniture mechanical woodworking" job description: woodworking machinery operation, will be made from wood processing semi-finished or finished products;Job content is operating woodworking machinery, wood processing into semi-finished products;According to requirements, the wood semi-finished products processing to finished product;For finished products after processing, etc.