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From the carpenter to the billionaires How to dig

Release time:2016-03-26

            Do furniture furniture dug into the first bucket of gold
           Ding Xinxin, xing-juan zhang are zhejiang shangyu.In 1985, aged 28, Ding Xinxin xing-juan zhang and 23 years old, with good carpentry skills, start from the local production of private furniture, for the production of goods container market, guest houses, etc in succession, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, and the general decoration.Five or six years, the couple to accumulate 1 million yuan.

           Shangyu city decoration industry company was founded in 1993, legal representative person Ding Xinxin, company and township governments implement the contract system.In 1995, the enterprise restructuring, then evolved into the mansion now shares.

           By November 2001, the couple bank deposits of about 19.3 million yuan.At the end of September 2001, xing-juan zhang also holds the stock assets of about 4.5 million yuan.

           In January 2003, Ding Xinxin and xing-juan zhang was jointly founded the mansion holdings, registered capital and paid-in capital of RMB 100 million, registered address of hangzhou city ruifeng international business building, 258 river road in 19 layer B.Including Ding Xinxin investment 75 million yuan, hold the mansion holding 75% stake, xing-juan zhang invested 25 million yuan, hold the mansion holding 25% stake.By the end of 2009, the mansion holdings total assets reached 3.15 billion yuan.   

           Typical family-owned businesses, a glorious one worth soared

           On March 12, 2010, the shares issued in shenzhen small and medium-sized plate of fuzhou, issue price of 31.86 yuan, issue the p/e ratio of 50.57 times.Ding Xinxin, xing-juan zhang couples the mansion shares, 43.47 million shares directly, after the release of 20.6% of the total equity;Through the mansion holding indirect holding company's shares, 75.9 million shares, accounting for 35.97% of the issued after the total equity.Both cumulative, Ding Xinxin couples hold shares, 119.37 million shares of fuzhou, accounted for 56.57% of the total equity, released to calculate by offering price worth 3.803 billion.

           In addition, the holding of fuzhou also holds zhejiang the mansion property group co., LTD. 82.38% stake (Ding Xinxin hold the mansion house the other directly to 17.62%), shangyu village of the family and the shangyu city industrial development co., LTD. 40% stake in the melt small loan co., LTD. 7% stake.

           With reference to the 2009 hurun report list, Ding Xinxin couple net worth has been among the top 300;Once the mansion co officially listed, its worth is expected to be even in the top 200.

           In addition, in the mansion of a natural person shareholder, the younger brother of xing-juan zhang Zhang Weiliang hold 6.21 million shares, calculated on price worth nearly $200 million.Sister Ding Xinxin Ding Weiwei son-in-law wang, Ding Xinxin cousin wen-guang wang every 2.07 million shares of shares;The mansion YanJianYao holding executive vice President and directors, the holding vice President, director of fuzhou Tan Chengping, shu-guang jin, the corporation general manager, director of fuzhou Ding Haifu also each holding company shares, 2.07 million shares, worth more than 60 million.
           Strategic investors, share profit     

           In December 2007, the mansion shares to increase endowment spread way of introducing strategic investors, hangzhou binjiang investment, zhejiang million are venture capital, zhejiang paradise silicon valley and the chongqing shun home buyers for 5 yuan a share prices respectively subscribed for 7.7 million shares, 6.5 million shares, 3.5 million shares and 2.3 million shares.

           In terms of price, just more than two years, four strategic investors yield reached 537%.The riverside investment gains more than 200 million yuan, all venture capital gains 170 million yuan, paradise silicon valley gains of more than 9000 ten thousand yuan, the suitable property gains of more than 6000 ten thousand yuan.

           The data shows, binjiang QiJinXing investment actual control of man-made riverside group chairman, holding binjiang investment 64% stake.Vc practical control for greentown holding, the final control for Mr. Song.The property of the controlling shareholder of zhejiang