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The seventh section of Harbin international furnit

Release time:2016-03-26

        "Alibaba household"   The seventh section of Harbin international furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition in 2010 on April 17, concluding in Harbin.The exhibition assemble from northeast and Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, guangdong, zhejiang, henan, hebei, sichuan, Inner Mongolia and other 15 provinces and cities and regions more than 200 exhibitors and exhibitors number increased by 28% than the last.The exhibition exhibition area of nearly 45000 square meters, increased by 50% than the last.More than 2200 international standard booths, increased by 70% over last year.Exhibits include civil, office, hotel, decorative materials, accessories, etc.

      Look from the exhibition product categories: board type furniture, 530 booths, 24.09% of the total exhibition area;Solid wood furniture, 200 booths, accounting for 9%;Sofa is 610, accounting for 27.72%;Mattresses, hammock, 320, accounting for 14.54%;Office furniture, 240, accounting for 10.9%;TV cabinet, dining tables, and other 300 booths, accounting for 13.75% of the total exhibition area.To attend this exhibition 45 countries and cities professional media, increased by 36% than last year, nearly half have booth in the exhibition of professional media area.This exhibition are Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other domestic and foreign buyers and visitors 100000 visitors, three days of the exhibition site to sign the agreement of 400 million yuan.

      The exhibition scale expanded year by year, influence of Harbin furniture increase year by year, overseas and other provinces and cities the attendance increased.To effectively boost the Harbin restaurant, hotel, transportation, logistics, advertising, tourism and other related industries.