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Our country woodworking machinery market analysis

Release time:2016-03-26

       Global woodworking machinery gross about $10 billion, in one of the main producing countries ranked;After the first is Germany, producing more than $2.7 billion in value, Italy ranked second output value of about $1.7 billion, the United States ranked the third output value of about $1.5 billion, Taiwan, China ranked fourth output value of about $760 million, Japan's GDP ranks fifth about $400 million.

       Global woodworking machinery power is Germany and Italy, together can be half of global woodworking machinery production.The woodworking machinery production is big, but is given priority to with the United States and the north American market, export ratio is very low.Japan woodworking machinery in recent years, competitiveness, and akira than woodworking machinery production also fell sharply.

       Taiwan woodworking machinery 90% export in our country
       More than 170 existing Taiwan woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises, mostly small and medium enterprises, the average number of employees for 30 people, great majority is gradually developed in the 70 s.After 1978, Taiwan woodworking machinery industry, started to aim at the international advanced level, increase the intensity of product development, pay attention to improve the quality of products, in the fierce competition of international market, to become the world's leading producers of woodworking machinery.

       Taiwan woodworking machinery products mainly export.Total exports in 1986 break through the $100 million mark.Has topped $200 million in 1988, broke through the $1990 in 300 million, exports of $1992 in 420 million, exports of $1995 in 565 million, 2004, Taiwan woodworking machinery production amounted to nt $24.7 billion ($772 million), the value of nt $24.2 billion ($756 million) from a growth of 12.9%.

  Purpose of woodworking machinery export country: Taiwan's biggest export only to the United States, accounts for 37.5% of the total cost of the woodworking machinery exports;The second is the Chinese mainland, accounts for 37%;The third is the Malaysia, accounting for 11%;Fourth, Indonesia (5%);The fifth is Canada, accounting for 4.4%;Sixth is Thailand, accounting for 3.7%;Seventh is Japan, accounting for 2.7%;The eighth is Vietnam, accounting for 1.5%.More than the demand accounted for 87% of export Taiwan woodworking machinery production.

       Export product main categories are: DIY products occupy the first, saw Lou products accounts for the second, polishing, sanding and polishing class accounts for a third, fourth milling machine, planer type products.

       Ready to develop Taiwan woodworking machinery exports in emerging markets, such as India, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, eastern Europe and other countries, in order to improve the Taiwan woodworking machinery market share in the international market.

       Mainland China woodworking machinery production and export
       At present, the mainland of China woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises more than 1200, promulgated in 27 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, there are about 80 companies of a certain scale.Shunde, Qingdao, Harbin and Shanghai four areas is relatively concentrated woodworking machinery production base.

  In the late 90 s of the twentieth century, is affected by the Asian financial crisis, China woodworking machinery production once in a low state.In 1999 started out of the trough, improved further in 2000, production of 79.16 million units, output value of RMB 1.86 billion.

       Entering the 21st century, because the state has adopted a proactive fiscal policy and the policy of expanding domestic demand and make furniture industry rapid development, promote the steady development of woodworking machinery industry, woodworking machinery production ranked fifth.Woodworking machinery in 2001 total output value of 2001 yuan (excluding man-made board equipment), 2002 annual output value of 4.313 billion yuan, woodworking machinery production continues to grow, in 2003 total output value of 4.586 billion yuan, up 6.33% from a year earlier.2005 annual output value is expected to reach nearly 5 billion yuan.

       The export of Chinese woodworking machinery products such as traditional products, such as ordinary band sawing machine, woodworking planer, woodworking milling machine, drilling machine and multipurpose woodworking machine tool.Because the product performance is good, price is low, economy applicable, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and Africa, South America and other countries.

       Low value-added export products because the level is not high, so, big quantity but the value is too small.China's exports of woodworking machinery average selling price for just $46.8 per set, and imported equipment an average of $9727.7 per set, gap is quite different.

  The future of our country woodworking machinery products should be insisted on two legs, one is can spend more time in the small and medium-sized precision of woodworking machinery products, to keep fit is not the market demand of developed countries;The second is to create a high grade product of European market, get into the big market trend of international woodworking machinery products.

       Woodworking machinery imports and foreign investment in China builds factory
       Our country woodworking machinery (including man-made board equipment) market capacity of about 10 billion yuan.Nearly half of the high-grade equipment still rely on imports.According to customs statistics, in 2001 China's woodworking machinery imports 29730, imports of $329 million.41684 units in 2003.German exports to China in 2003 of woodworking machinery are at new highs of 500 million euros.

       Due to high labor costs abroad, foreign companies invest in China.Germany blue signs group is the world's largest manufacturer of woodworking tools, so-called "kingdom" tool, has 6300 employees, annual sales of 540 million euros.

       The blue signs with 15 production factories all over the world, a strong China in 1997, the blue signs (nanjing) tools co., LTD. Is a break and stand.In July 2004, designed by German designer a world-class level of the opening of new workshop (jiangning) formally.

G       erman power group is in the field of solid wood processing complete sets of equipment manufacturers, the existing 2100 employees, annual turnover of 320 million euros.Founded in yantai in 1996 "mike. Power (yantai) machinery co., LTD." first phase investment of $8.5 million, 2002, an additional investment of $5.5 million.

       The German homag group, the world's largest woodworking machinery manufacturing group, was founded in 1960, the group has 12 production various types of professional subsidiary, annual output value of more than 500 million euros.Between the first began in 1998 in Shanghai songjiang construction production workshop.In August 2004, homag production plant expansion project in Shanghai official groundbreaking, opened in 2005 and formally put into production.The new plant is located in simulating north road, songjiang district, Shanghai, a total construction area of 40000 m2.

       To survive, the Japan and Taiwan manufacturers also looking to open up the market, has been part of the manufacturers to invest in mainland China factory.