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Chinese furniture enterprises 5 m strong catalytic

Release time:2016-03-26

        Chinese furniture enterprises 5 m strong catalytic woodworking machinery market
       China forestry machinery association Jiang Zuhui here disclosed today, by the end of 2 00 a 5 m furniture production enterprises in        China, gross industrial output value one hundred and forty billion yuan;Six thousands of man-made board production enterprises, the total output of two thousand one hundred and ten 820 thousand ten cubic meters, the floor six thousands of production enterprises, the total output of more than one hundred million square meters.With the upgrading of products and the beginning of a new round of technological transformation, will provide a lot of forestry and woodworking machinery market demand.

       Jiang Zuhui in the recently held "the fifth China international forestry, supply of wood industry machinery exhibition", said at a news conference, China international exhibition on forestry and wood industry machinery supply (WoodMac China) since the first time held in China in 1995, is China and Europe, the United States, Japan and other major world woodworking machinery producers woodworking machinery industry's top manufacturers, has expanded year by year, the audience increase, increasing influence.At present, the exhibition of the Chinese market has become the most important international woodworking industry exhibition.

       Experts predict, 2 000-2 0 0 years, China's GDP average annual growth rate from seven percent to seven point five percent.The growth of manufacturing, especially in the equipment manufacturing industry will be fast growth of national economy.Gradually increasing farmers' income, small towns construction, the housing consumption will rapid growth in a long time in the future, will continue to promote decorative renovation, the rapid development of the manufacturing floor, furniture manufacturing, it will for the development of China's forestry and woodworking machinery manufacturing industry to provide broad market space.China's forestry and woodworking machinery market in the future long-term stable macroeconomic environment will maintain a certain rate of growth.