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Lunjiao woodworking machinery market in jiangxi pr

Release time:2016-03-26

        Lunjiao economic and trade delegation from jiangxi bamboo-shack find business opportunities, the local 9 into lunjiao woodworking machinery manufacturing

        Report from our correspondent reporter Xu Ji Ming reports: 8 to 10 this month, to the streets in lunjiao zhou as the head of the economic and trade delegation, deputy director of a line of 16 people, made a special trip to central China "furniture capital of jiangxi nankang, seeking deeper cooperation.  

Nankang 9 into lunjiao woodworking machinery manufacturing

        Jiangxi nankang just by the national furniture association awarded the "central China furniture city" title of honor.Bamboo-shack have a skillful craftsman since ancient times, a large number of carpenter master elder is active in all parts of the country, in the early 1990 s, many working outside bamboo-shack carpenters have returned home run furniture factory.Over the past 20 years, bamboo-shack home has a rapid development.At present, bamboo-shack owns more than 8000 kinds of furniture, the furniture of form a complete set of professional market.Bamboo-shack became the music from, suzhou, chengdu, xianghe after another big furniture industry base in China.

        Bamboo-shack furniture industry development is closely connected with lunjiao woodworking machinery.In the early 1990 s, lunjiao martensite, practical woodworking machinery factory and have the general agent in bamboo-shack, such as product marketing bamboo-shack.Lunjiao at least more than 20 of woodworking machinery enterprises in bamboo-shack have general agent, the total distribution.Among them, the martensite, weed force, sheng strongmen industries well-known brand product is popular and bamboo-shack.According to bamboo-shack furniture industry bureau deputy director ShenChangLiang introduction, more than 8000 bamboo-shack furniture enterprises use of lunjiao woodworking machinery more than 9 as a manufacturing, high-grade equipment one hundred percent from lunjiao.  

        This paper discusses how to lead in lunjiao woodworking machinery development of furniture industry

        8th to 10th of this month, to the streets in charge of economic work in lunjiao zhou as the head of the economic and trade delegation, deputy director of a line of 16 people, made a special trip to visit nankang furniture industry, looking for depth cooperation opportunities.Lunjiao woodworking machinery chamber of commerce leadership and part of woodworking machinery enterprise representatives to join.Zhou told reporters that the trip main purpose is to consider how lunjiao woodworking machinery into the enterprise, how to transform the furniture and how to improve.

        Delegation during bamboo-shack, comes at a time when "the first central furniture expo" in bamboo-shack opening.At the invitation of bamboo-shack government, a delegation as a guests attended the opening ceremony.And to take this opportunity to nankang leadership, leadership, each province furniture association of Chinese furniture association leadership conducted extensive exchanges and communication.Everybody around the "leading the furniture enterprise development woodworking machinery and furniture enterprises promote woodworking machinery innovation" this topic in depth.Everybody believes that Chinese woodworking machinery in lunjiao town and capital of central China furniture bamboo-shack, bilateral economic and trade are highly complementary, broad cooperation space, there should be a higher level of cooperation.

        Bamboo-shack enterprise boss spoke highly of lunjiao woodworking machinery
        During the inspection, investigation group surveyed the "strong bamboo-shack 10 furniture enterprise".In well-known enterprises "MuNiu furniture factory," the delegation look are in lunjiao woodworking machinery products, including the domestic industry's most advanced markov numerical control tenon machine tools, CNC automatic profiling milling machine tool equipment, etc.

        The enterprise old total qi-fa wang tells a reporter, lunjiao nc equipment has reached the international level, using the equipment is to save time, save labor, improve work efficiency, the second is the standardization of products, precision can be enhanced greatly.

        Lunjiao woodworking machinery enterprise delegates to the investigation told reporters that the trip to harvest quite abundant.They learned some lunjiao using nc machine tool enterprise workers only junior high school culture, using the equipment often irregularities, man-made downtime;Some enterprises workshop side is modern CNC equipment, and the other side is a worker sitting on the ground installation of eat chair by hand.All of these cause everyone's thinking., they argue, the former involves strengthening user actions of the workers' training and depth of product development, such as the development of the more "fool" CNC machine, the demand to comply with local businesses.The latter, then provide a new space for lunjiao woodworking machinery, lunjiao woodworking machinery can develop.