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Lunjiao woodworking machinery upgrade success out

Release time:2016-03-26

       Lunjiao woodworking machinery upgrade success out of the local market, lunjiao woodworking machinery market successfully updated

       Guangfo all enterprise Reporter Xu Ji Ming reports: along with the group after group of Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries and regions: the presence of a product, a few days ago, lunjiao woodworking machinery market realize the regional market to the success of the international woodworking machinery trading platform to upgrade

       The traditional model can't meet the needs of the market

       As is known to all, lunjiao is the strategic importance of woodworking machinery of China.In lunjiao woodworking machinery manufacturing industry rapid development at the same time, in recent years, lunjiao woodworking machinery products trade also synchronous growth.The manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad set up a general agent, offices, distribution network, also set up their own woodworking machinery in lunjiao origin store, lunjiao so formed only woodworking machinery professional market: lunjiao woodworking machinery mall.Whether enterprises in domestic general agent, office, or store, belong to "swim soldiers scattered yong", "themselves" marketing model, the model has been unable to meet the needs of the domestic and international furniture manufacturing enterprises.

       In this context, under the strong lead in lunjiao street, first domestic woodworking machinery "wal-mart" - of woodworking machinery of south China (international) trading center, hatched on December 18th.

Woodworking machinery "wal-mart" hatched
       The center, planning a total area of 60000 square meters.The first phase project, with 30000 square meters of the original in lunjiao exhibition hall, China rebuilt products for Chinese and foreign exhibition venue;, will be in the second phase of the project covers an area of 30000 square meters of house company as the base, establish a specific "international products pavilion".At the appointed time, the original lunjiao exhibition hall becomes specific products pavilion ", China ".

       The center for global woodworking machinery "wal-mart", China woodworking machinery "Canton fair" as a strategic positioning.As shunde international woodworking machinery mall "upgrade", it will assemble the high-end brand of Chinese and foreign woodworking machinery and accessories materials, for the global buyers to provide "one-stop" complete procurement unique services.  

       The emergence of the center, has caused the domestic woodworking machinery market revolution: the first is the integration of resources, reduce the woodworking machinery products from the factory to the users of the intermediate links, saving a large amount of transaction costs.Followed by the "aircraft carrier" wood machine demonstration and leading role.In addition, signboard to polish the strategic importance of woodworking machinery of China, improve the overall strength of lunjiao woodworking machinery industry and external image.In an interview with the reporter understands, the center has cooperation with many Banks to carry out the "buyer's credit business.Italian SCM group in lunjiao

       Woodworking machinery of south China (international) trading center set up a time with only a few months, but development speed very fast, in the near future, there will be a large number of well-known international woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises to join to the center, among them, the Italian SCM group President now signed a strategic cooperation agreement with trading center, relying on the center to develop the Chinese market.And Italian SCM group is the world's largest woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises, the group in the world there are 27 factories (production base), products with annual sales of 650 million euros.Many international famous brand woodworking machinery, brings in lunjiao woodworking machinery market in international version to upgrade.

Professional machinery exhibition dawning dew

       Upgraded in lunjiao woodworking machinery professional market change is highlighted, SCM company with trading center hosted TTF attending "" wood doors and Windows manufacturing equipment will be officially opened today in the center.The exhibition aims to show the international most advanced "wood Windows and doors production equipment and production technology, to improve the recognition of the broad masses of customers to wood Windows and doors production, further improve the domestic production of the" wood doors and Windows "ability and industry level, narrow the gap with international peers.

       Center director, said in the future, the center will be held every year, more than 10 TTF attending games, promote the world's most advanced woodworking machinery to the domestic and international two big customer group.

       In addition to the product display, exhibition, and other functions, the center will also be woodworking machinery high-end information publishing platform, 14 solstice 15 this month, a about "wooden doors and Windows of professional BBS" will be held in the center.
Italian SCM group China sales director Luo Houxiang:

       Over the years, the SCM group is very concerned about the potential huge market in China, has always been to seek cooperative enterprises to enter the Chinese market, woodworking machinery of south China (international) trading center is China woodworking machinery "wal-mart", she has a new marketing concept, to provide customers the first-class management, first-class service, its brand and reputation in the south China sea has a great influence and radiation.

       This time we cooperate with the trading center of the strategy, is the resource sharing, mutual benefit, is a golden opportunity for the SCM group entered the Chinese market, the group not only look good to cooperate with the trading center of development, now have more confidence on the future to be better with south China international space for development and broad prospects.