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Five billion yuan of woodworking machinery market

Release time:2016-03-26

       In the first half of this year the woodworking machinery industry is expected to appear a sales peak.Equipment manufacturing enterprises should be in the development of products to high-quality, high efficiency, high-grade, automation, large scale, to meet the market demand

      In recent 10 years, with the steady growth of our country economy, people's material life level unceasing enhancement, the level of household furniture and interior decoration high demand become the focus problem, at the same time, a high standard of decoration renovation in woodworking machinery industry development.Today's woodworking machinery includes the lumber, man-made board, furniture manufacturing equipment and floor processing equipment, etc.Especially in comprehensive utilization of man-made board equipment with its unique advantages, preemption in the forefront of the industry, wood processing equipment, and today the global various running man-made board machinery and equipment, a year can provide 154 million cubic meters of man-made products, for human and that 154 million cubic meters of man-made products not only means tens of thousands of forests have survived, more means of woodworking machinery, wood processing new man-made board equipment industry will go from here a virtuous cycle.

The production status, woodworking machinery enterprise and man-made board equipment

      1. Woodworking machinery enterprises throughout the country has more than 600 production of woodworking machinery products companies, and the number is growing, experts estimate that the current could reach more than 1200.These companies in 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, there are 80 or so of a certain scale, one at the national level, ten national secondary enterprises, more than 60000 employees, including engineering and technical personnel more than 5000 people, gross industrial output value of about 2 billion yuan, the production of many varieties of 1100.

      2. Man-made board production equipment national production of man-made board machinery standalone or can provide complete sets of equipment more than 110 enterprises, including can produce more than 10 large and medium-sized complete sets of production lines, part of the single and small production line production enterprises 71, about 30 and special accessories production enterprises.Employees 30000 people, the annual production of about 1.4 billion yuan, the products has reached more than 800 varieties, in addition to the individual large equipment can not produce or are developing, the vast majority of man-made board machinery design and manufacture.At present, the research and development of the country man-made board equipment are mainly man-made board machinery works, sufoma company, Shanghai donghua machinery factory and other state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises as the leading, products not only supply the domestic market, in recent years abroad, exported to southeast Asia and the Middle East and other countries and regions, annual exports of about $20 million.

Second, the national woodworking machinery enterprise development pattern

      Currently of woodworking machinery enterprises, has form the main pattern of south, north, east, south, for the guangdong shunde, zhongshan, dongguan, foshan and other places of woodworking machinery production base;North, hebei handan, xingtai, gongyi, henan nanyang, in places such as woodworking machinery production base;East of the shandong weihai, Qingdao, yancheng, jiangsu province, suzhou and hangzhou and Shanghai woodworking machinery production base.Among them, known as the "south China woodworking machinery town" in shunde, guangdong province, the existing woodworking machinery production and sales of more than 100 enterprises, production capacity of more than ten kinds of series more than 100 varieties;Sanding machine is the main production base of shandong Qingdao, its manufacturer has amounted to more than 30.The woodworking machinery enterprise development a significant features are: the development of a concentration of timber processing and distribution base, can stimulate the start and development of a batch of woodworking machinery industry.Such as guangdong shunde, dongguan furniture enterprise, the rapid development of led shunde leap of woodworking machinery;11:56 a.m., xingtai area development of man-made board, such as plywood, promoted the handan and xingtai woodworking machinery and the development of man-made board equipment;The rise of shandong linyi plate market, guide a batch of man-made board, wood processing equipment factory's birth and development.At present, there are dozens of shandong linyi, equipment manufacturing enterprises in operation, the production equipment mostly man-made board production line of single part (complete) and other applicable products.

Third, woodworking machinery market at home and abroad
      1. Foreign woodworking machinery market in Germany, the German woodworking machinery market is facing southeast Asia, mainly in China, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong and other countries and regions in our country, because these countries and regions of the investment environment is better.According to statistics, in the first quarter of 2001 woodworking machinery to southeast Asian countries grew by 58% from a year earlier to 77 million euros;2 it is to buy a large the United States, the United States in 2000 to buy German machinery and equipment of 260 million euros.English: the little-known woodworking machinery producers in Britain, according to April 9, 2002, the woodworking machinery equipment orders and sales is better than expected;Products exported to the United States since the "9 · 11" incident, the business from falling is to rise.The Czech republic, the Czech republic is also a major producers of woodworking machinery, and Germany and Austria is one of the most important exporter of Czech woodworking machine, in 2000 the Czech woodworking machine export to Germany 414 million kronor (Czech republic);Exports to Austria for 077 million kroner;Exports to 071 million kroner, Slovakia exports totaled 934 million kroner, equipped with dust removal system of wood cutting machine tool exports the most successful, by 1999, 127 million kroner to rise to 218 million kronor in 2000.

      2. Domestic woodworking machinery market according to the statistics, in 2000 the national furniture output value 120 billion yuan, annual growth of around 15%, the demand for wood processing machinery and equipment in 5 billion yuan.In the face of 5 billion yuan of woodworking machinery products market, numerical control, automation product high-grade equipment requirements is the trend of The Times.Analysis: according to the personage inside course of study in the first half of this year the woodworking machinery industry is expected to appear a sales peak.Equipment manufacturing enterprises should pay attention to in the development of products to high-quality, high efficiency, high-grade, automation, large scale, to meet the market demand.

Fourth, problem of woodworking machinery production in our country

      Domestic woodworking machinery products have certain gap compared with foreign woodworking machinery, the main reason is that our country woodworking machinery design and manufacturing has not yet completely out of generic, less variety, automation degree is not high, appearance and quality are inadequate.First of all, the product variety is not complete.Most companies are still in the production of flat plane, pressure, circular saw machine, low grade, low price of traditional products such as fine processing machinery appear quite lack;Board type furniture production equipment less;Man-made board host set