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Face the future of Chinese woodworking machinery

Release time:2016-03-26

        A basic situation, China woodworking machinery
        For half a century, China woodworking machinery production from scratch, from less to more, as of the end of 2004, according to preliminary statistics, more than 1100 production enterprises, has a certain size of about 200 companies, from personnel of course of study for more than 10, ten thousand people, mainly distributed in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, northeast China, north China region.Can provide wood processing industry with lumber, man-made board production line equipment, furniture, decoration and other processing equipment 69 categories, more than 1100 kinds of woodworking machinery products, the gross industrial output value is more than 100 one hundred million yuan.Has been established from education, research, production, inspection to the sale of a complete system.Currently has woodworking machinery product research and development ability of colleges and universities, research institute (include a company set research and development institutions) by more than 100.So as to effectively guarantee the Chinese woodworking machinery products research, development and industry overall technical level enhancement.It can be said that China currently has become a great nation of woodworking machinery production, and attention by countries around the world, its products are mainly based on domestic demand for wood processing industry, every year there are some products are sold to Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, central and South America, Oceania and other countries.Total exports has been listed as a Germany, Taiwan, China, Japan, the United States after the fifth.According to relevant data, China's export of woodworking machinery in 2003 totalled 2003, total output value of $295.1 million.

        Second, the development of woodworking machinery
        China woodworking machinery from the product research and development, quality and distribution services under the guidance of the state administrative department of industry, get healthy and stable development, which created a good reputation at home and abroad.

        1, the mechanism reform is the fundamental guarantee of line industry exhibition.
        With the development of China's socialist market economy continuously, many of the original state owned by the whole people and collective ownership enterprise, already can not adapt to China's social market economy development request, at present most of the enterprise bankruptcy and transformation has been completed and the private, foreign investment, joint venture has been on the rise, and become the main part of the industry economy development, the traditional management mode, the traditional product structure and layout are undergoing a period of consolidation mechanism reform brought vigor and vitality to the development of the industry.
        2, certification for enterprise's development has brought vitality.
        Traditional rule of man management has gradually been replaced by the modern scientific management mode, the broad masses of Chinese woodworking machine enterprises clearly recognize the importance of "certification" for enterprise development, companies are bidding for the ISO9000 quality system certification, from the earliest certified man-made board machine factory in Shanghai, Qingdao woodworking machinery factory, Shanghai yue tong woodworking machinery equipment co., LTD. So far only dozens of small and medium enterprises, also have to declare "ISO9000 quality system certification.According to preliminary statistics, there have been hundreds of woodworking machinery of China enterprises passed the ISO9000 quality system certification, adopted the modern enterprise scientific management methods.
        For woodworking machinery products "mechanical safety certification" and "CE" of the European market, woodworking machinery machinery enterprises in China also get approval and implementation.Through wood machinery and mechanical product safety certification, improve the user, the credibility of the product is safe and made into the domestic and foreign markets here.
        3, association of guidance to promote the healthy development of enterprises.
        China forestry machinery association and regional associations, such as woodworking machinery industry association in Harbin, Qingdao woodworking machinery association, the guangdong shunde woodworking machinery chamber of commerce, as the bridge and the link between the government and enterprises, promote the whole industry technology progress and healthy development.Chamber of commerce at all levels effectively organize enterprises to undertake international technical and economic exchanges, hosting and organizing international exhibitions and help enterprises to develop international and domestic market, technical consultation and information services, to recommend products to the public and other activities.Enterprises through the guidance of the industry association, has realized the information communication and the exchange, to promote the enterprise in the development process of the construction of the socialist market economy.
        4, to layout and product structure adjustment to make high-quality goods, famous brand created favourable conditions.
        Along with the market demand, according to the situation of Chinese woodworking machinery industry development, changed the planned economy era "instead of" mode of production, combined with the enterprise technology and production capacity in the production of "fewer but better" characteristic products, pay attention to the product right, do fine, such as: at present has formed the woodworking machinery production area, the pearl river delta Yangtze river delta of woodworking machinery production, woodworking machinery production area of north China, east China woodworking machinery production, woodworking machinery production area of northeast China, southwest China woodworking machinery production, the production area constitute the complete network China woodworking machinery production.At the same time, regional enterprises according to their own technology and production capacity, the specialized production.Such as: Shanghai, xinyang, jiangsu region of man-made board production line equipment, dongguan nan xing manufacturing precision cutting machine and edge banding machine, production of board type furniture machinery, weihai region Qingdao ChengFu machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Production of 6 feet 2 sand shelf, 4 sand particle board, MDF production line with heavy duty double broadband sander and Qingdao area various forms of sanding machine, mudanjiang and shun delun teaching area production of solid wood processing equipment, shenyang band saw machine tool plant production of various types of equipment, such as lumber, with the unique style of product supply at home and abroad market.Because of the layout and the product structure reasonable conform to the market need, to ensure that the Chinese woodworking machinery industry has been rapid development.
        5, attaches great importance to industry and advanced foreign enterprises technical exchanges and cooperation.
        All levels of society, the association regularly held in the domestic large-scale academic exchange conference of a certain scale, woodworking machinery exhibition, and organize the related academic experts, enterprise engineering and technical personnel to foreign technical exchanges, see large foreign woodworking machinery exhibition, such as Italy's milan fair, Germany hannover messe, Atlanta, USA, Nagoya, Japan is famous woodworking machinery professional exhibition.Many large medium-sized woodworking machinery enterprises are often combined with their own development need to send engineers to study abroad, seeking economic and technological cooperation with foreign advanced countries, through these ways to speed up the development of woodworking machinery in China.China's woodworking machinery enterprises attach great importance to combine their own national conditions, fully digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technologies, such as: combined with foreign advanced technology "development" of all types of board type furniture and solid wood furniture processing equipment, man-made board production line