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Dalian woodworking machinery among the national to

Release time:2016-03-26

       The 11th China international furniture (export) and woodworking machinery exhibition will be held in liaoning dalian xinghai exhibition center.As an important component of the woodworking machinery exhibition show, after 10 years of carefully nurtured, has developed into the northeast region's largest and highest level, the most complete category brand exhibition, among the country's most influential woodworking machinery exhibition the top of the column.So far, more than nearly 400 enterprises registration participation, among them 25% %, enterprises for the first time an exhibition area of 20000 square meters.

With known brand exhibition
        After ten years of development, China international furniture (export) and woodworking machinery exhibition has developed into brand exhibition, the charm of the brand is gradually, large number of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises in succession.The country's most prestigious lunjiao woodworking machinery production base - guangdong and shandong Qingdao woodworking machinery exhibition enterprise attaches great importance to dalian, has rich xiang tai, weed, new foundation, sharp and sweet power industry well-known enterprises such as cheng hao, HuaShunChang, built of the booth.After the last foreign companies exhibition, the exhibition foreign exhibitors are still on the rise.Existing Michael power, jintian bold, huali machinery, odense, many companies such as exhibition, many foreign companies like dalian woodworking machinery exhibition as into the first leg of the northeast and even the whole country, dalian woodworking machinery exhibition international is increasingly outstanding.

Taiwanese companies break into dalian
       Taiwan woodworking machinery with its technology and quality advantages, has a good market in the mainland and internationally, China is the important sales market, rich timber resources and numerous northeast forest industries, to Taiwan woodworking enterprise undoubtedly has great appeal.And dalian woodworking machinery exhibition just for Taiwan enterprises provided an important platform for the display, the channels of cooperation.Has good integrity, yihong, FengJun, sen feng qiao, ring 11 companies such as exhibition, hit a Taiwan woodworking machinery enterprises in dalian woodworking machinery exhibition new record.

The exhibits rich a station buy neat
       Dalian woodworking machinery exhibition has become a "one-stop" procurement of furniture enterprises.The exhibition attracted a lot of furniture industry related products fair, there are more than 170 hardware accessories, accessories companies decided to take part in this exhibition, including shenzhen branch tripod, east guangdong, Shanghai blog, dongguan red apple and other well-known brands, in terms of quality or quantity of the exhibitors are successive.The other 80% % of the domestic market brand tool will appear in this exhibition, software processing machinery, drenching lacquer line will also debut at dalian woodworking machinery exhibition.

Grace group exhibition exhibition
     Group exhibition, the organizer exhibition, has become a bright spot of the exhibition, the exhibition still continued the tradition.Qingdao woodworking machinery association, the group last year to dalian, obtained the ideal effect, the association jolt again this year, organize the collective more than 30 enterprises to participate in this exhibition.The organizing committee in the successfully developed in Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States market, and focus on developing the Russian market this year.At present, Russia has great sure will send many want to visit this exhibition.In addition, Harbin, suifenhe, this exhibition will also organizes a group to visit procurement, looking for business opportunities, to seek cooperation.Dalian machinery exhibition is big business, is being more and more enterprises realize.