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China woodworking machinery exhibition

Release time:2016-03-26

       At present there are about more than 6000 engaged in industrial machinery products and equipment manufacturing, marketing of enterprise, including manufacturing enterprise, which has more than 1200, gross industrial output value 12 billion yuan, nearly $3 billion in total import and export, products are exported to 150 countries and regions, for the country's ecological construction and national economy sustainable development provides a powerful technology and equipment support. Big industry has become the attention of the world. 1978 years ago, due to the restriction of the planned economy system, never to enter the market circulation field, industrial machinery products by the national unified allocation, thus only exchange fair, not fair.

        After the reform and opening-up policy in 1983, held in guangzhou for the first time foreign woodworking machinery equipment exhibition letter, although small, but the exhibition products with high technological content and technological level is excellent, refreshing, make domestic peers saw the gap between their products with foreign, iron in industrial machinery industry development has a positive influence. In the spring of 1894, Beijing xinghua tile wooden tool shop rental sites of natural museum in Beijing, held the first domestic woodworking machinery products fair, there are dozens of companies, created the first in the field of woodworking machinery products into circulation. After that, after 1985 years full of brewing agencies at the top level and the relevant countries to actively participate in and preparation, in late January 1986 at the Beijing international exhibition center has successfully hosted the "international woodworking machinery and furniture production equipment exhibition". The organizer of the exhibition is China council for the promotion of international trade, the co-organizer is Hong Kong adsale exhibition services co., LTD., and European association for woodworking machinery manufacturers, sponsoring unit, is the national forestry department and the industry has a huge, bustling. Then, woodworking machinery industry and the related sources identified, such specifications of the woodworking machinery exhibition will be held in Beijing once a year in the future, has held the 10 th, become our country's international exhibition of wood machinery industry is very influential.

        Since the early 1990 s, the domestic exhibition organizers sadly arisen. And with the rapid development of national economy and expanding the opening to the outside world, "the exhibition economy" suddenly became popular, exhibition four nickel to capture business opportunities, a number of large and small conference and exhibition company to search for the look of the forestry machinery industry, some sincere service starting the development of mechanical industry, some only gold. In the "fair economy" behind the busy busy, rush, blossom everywhere, coarse abuse do, good and bad are intermingled, exhibitors, conflict with each other, the phenomenon such as unfair competition is becoming more and more manifest. Century antenatal after two or three years, every year held around the subject of woodworking machinery exhibition reached more than 20, large and small woodworking machinery exhibition distribution throughout the country, such as Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, chongqing, Harbin, shenyang, changchun, dalian, shijiazhuang, zhengzhou, jinan, Qingdao, suzhou, hefei, nanchang, nanjing, wenzhou, wuhan, changsha, xi 'an, chengdu, nanning, guizhou, kunming, guangzhou, shunde, dongguan, urumqi and other dozens of cities are held in woodworking machinery exhibition, exposition. According to the statistics, 04 greatly small woodworking machinery exhibition was held in 39 times all over the country. Many people's attention, scattered throughout the exhibition to the exhibitors and visitors walk, rounds, around the toes. Repetitious exhibitions phenomenon intensified.,In recent years, it is "your I." 04 year, needle in the pearl river delta region has held seven phase content of woodworking machinery. Some of them have a certain influence of the exhibition, but higher than the European and American countries of its host way toll fee standards of large-scale exhibition, put on a "willing to rise to the bait." this kind of practice of domestic machinery in trees, even the foreign exhibitors are also see not bottom go to, 3 years in Europe and the woodworking machinery association decided to temporarily don't support any exhibition in China. Many commercial exhibition is more and more strong, the organizers collect money not only provide corresponding service, not only the exhibitors have always attaches importance to technology exchange meeting held during the exhibition, and conducive to exhibitors, agents, industry association, between management and customer communication, communication conference, cold drink will have been cancelled, even a hen and move-in corresponding service also quietly disappeared. The exhibition effect worse and worse.
     This state of disorderly competition, in the development of "exhibition economy" is the malpractice and the undercurrent, should cause the attention of the whole society.