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Chinese woodworking machinery for the fourth time

Release time:2016-03-26

        Secretary general of the China forestry machinery association Ma Qisheng in lunjiao said a few days ago, China's forestry and woodworking machinery more than 1000 enterprises, annual production value of more than 10 billion yuan, 2003 trees machinery import and export trade volume of $2.1 billion.

       Lunjiao woodworking machinery chamber of commerce Long Guoyao expounds Chinese woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery concept including man-made board machinery) several times in the process of wave of industrial development, the industry attention.

       First wave: from the founding of new China to the last century the late 80 s.This stage is a leading state-owned enterprises, is characteristic of planned economy, mudanjiang factory, represented by the Soviet model is a teacher.

       Second wave: from the 80 s to the mid - 90 - s last century.Township enterprises at this stage is bibcock, collective economy is characteristic, shandong weihai, a small type equipment and tools is the mainstream products.

       Third wave: from the 90 s to the present.This stage is a leading private enterprise, private economy is characteristic, lunjiao and jiaodong peninsula, coastal enterprises, represented by real wood machinery, plate is the mainstream, and the sanding machine and the "speciality" of Qingdao.Overseas product is known as a Chinese teacher.

       As is known to all, Qingdao has become "Asia's largest production base of sanding machine", as much as its manufacturers, variety complete, production capacity of large, supply fast, and all is unparalleled in other areas of industrial supporting;Lunjiao as the nation's largest solid wood machinery manufacturing base, with more than 60 factories, to produce high, medium and low-grade and large, medium and small, all kinds of woodworking machinery products, its production technology and equipment to numerical control, intelligent direction development, formed the regional brand.

       Fourth wave: the Chinese woodworking machinery has already has a solid strength, and with the aid of the opportunity of "wto" towards a new stage.This stage to "is in line with the world, towards the international" as the theme, the global most wood machine into a "made in China".The wave arrival, will make China the industry's "world workshop".