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Woodworking band saw machine working principle ana

Release time:2016-03-21
      Band sawing machine used for sawing logs or timber woodworking machine is divided into the woodworking band saw machine, woodworking circular saw machine and wood frame sawing machine, etc.So-called woodworking band saw machine is circular band saw blade tension on two saw wheel, ring band saw blade by the electric thoughts through saw wheel drive, as a continuous cutting movement.The feed of wood can use manual, also a sports car or roller can be used to automatically feed.According to use classification, band sawing machine band sawing machine and can be divided into sawing logs sports car subdivision plate or timber cutting band saw again.
        Band saw for sports band sawing machine: the so-called sports car, refers to the clamping log to feed movement of the band saw blade to send material.Action of PLC needs to be done is to positioning control sports car.Sports car electric power equipment is assembled on top of the chassis, via the gear transmission, drive the sports car reciprocating motion of spindle.Sport car forward for work schedule, retreat retreat for the return trip.Its working process is, first of all sports car bench at a certain speed running an interval, when the system is to receive advance directives, and running the same interval, at the same speed and this interval can be modified.When the system received instruction retreat retreat, carries on the return trip, until the order is cancelled.Electricity idea of forward and inversion of control sports car bench advance and retreat retreat.Through PLC control system of electric idea direction control.