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Our country forestry equipment and woodworking mac

Release time:2016-03-26

            Following the November 2005, Russian federal government resolution will not produce some Russian domestic forestry equipment after temporary zero tariff, in March 2006, the Russian government further command, from the beginning on April 29, 2006, for some equipment to implement temporary duty of 9 months of investigation, the temporary zero tariff forestry equipment to expand to 700 species, including all the equipment of forestry and woodworking machinery.Expert analysis, now become domestic forestry equipment and woodworking machinery of our country has entered the best period of Russia.

           Forestry is Russia's main industrial sector, and its output value accounted for 5% of Russia's gross value of industrial output.Over the past 15 years, Russia's forestry and timber industry products in the international market share fell to 2% from 18%, exports are mostly low value-added products.In order to improve the forestry industry in the international market share, increase the export of high value-added and manufactured goods, the Russian government made a lot of measures to stimulate domestic forestry development.A series of tariff measures to encourage export manufactured goods and high value-added products, wood log export restrictions, in May 2006, export tariffs on raw wood is 6.5%, the euro per cubic meter of not less than 4.On January 1, 2007, the tariff will be 10%, but not less than 10 euros.Also vigorously to crack down on illegal logging, strengthen the regulation of forest resources and other measures.All of these policies and measures conducive to the development of the forestry sector, Russia also will increase the demand for forestry equipment and woodworking machinery.

           At present, the production of forestry machinery and woodworking equipment of the company a lot, but mostly lumber-mill equipment, including peeling machine, flat saw, gang saw, etc., the machine can not adapt to the needs of the development of the forestry, cannot satisfy the production high quality products.Now, Germany, Italy, Finland device to control the market for a long time, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, the company also has a certain market share in recent years, the cheap low-end equipment, can meet the demand of investment small new enterprises.

           Domestic forestry machinery and woodworking equipment is in many ways, it cannot compete with countries such as Germany, Italy, Finland, but for some small businesses provide equipment has strong competitiveness, domestic products both in quality and price can be with Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and other countries, and in recent years, our country set up a lot of joint ventures, a lot of its products have reached the international level.On the other hand, many enterprises in our country to establish joint venture forestry enterprises in Russia, if to the Chinese enterprises in the purchase of domestic equipment to financial and fiscal support, domestic forestry machinery and woodworking equipment will be more competitive.