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How to choose and buy woodworking machinery and eq

Release time:2016-05-06

          For furniture enterprises engaged in wood processing, woodworking machinery when the choose and buy, how to choose the enterprise practical production equipment is a difficult problem.Because, the choice of equipment is directly related to enterprise can get reasonable operation of funds, is related to the selected equipment can meet the process requirements, can produce qualified products.
China has become a great nation of woodworking machinery

         After half a century of development, the Chinese woodworking machinery has been established from education, research, development, production, inspection to complete sales system, can provide wood processing industry with lumber, plastic bedplate, chipboard, medium density fiberboard, architectural decoration, furniture of complete sets of processing equipment more than 1100 kinds of woodworking machinery products, the 69 categories.Its products industry amounted to 10 billion yuan., so to speak, has become a great nation of woodworking machinery production in our country, the production of woodworking machinery equipment every year and some products exported to the United States, Russia and southeast Asia, some countries in Africa.

         China forestry machinery association is the only national in China woodworking machinery and forestry machinery industry association, the association to serve the government, service enterprises, to promote the technological progress and healthy development of the enterprise for the purpose, actively and effectively organize enterprises to carry out international exchanges, hosting and organizing international exhibitions and help enterprises to develop international and domestic market.In order to promote woodworking machinery products, the overall technology and the improvement of the quality level, to participate in domestic and international market competition ability, industry association organized the industry to take part in selection of national brand products, in order to improve the reputation of the domestic woodworking machinery at home and abroad.

         The enterprise practice deep internal work
         In the woodworking machinery enterprise, has gradually realize the "certification" work on the importance of enterprise development.Companies declare "ISO9000 quality system certification", promote the enterprise scientific management has become the dominant trend of woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises.From the earliest Shanghai man-made machinery co., LTD., Qingdao woodworking machinery factory, Shanghai yue tong woodworking machinery co., LTD. So far there have been hundreds of woodworking machinery enterprises passed the ISO9000 quality system certification ".For woodworking machinery product safety certification and "CE" certification for Europe market also accepted by enterprises, many enterprises through the product safety and quality certification achieved the third party impartial evaluation, improve the credibility of the users for products into the market at home and abroad has also been made in here.

         Based on the domestic equipment users choose and buy
         Outlook of Chinese woodworking machinery industry in the future, the development prospects, as in recent years, furniture, wood and other production enterprises upgrading of products, will continue to increase demand for woodworking machinery.The author thinks that, the user when choosing these devices, the foothold to focus on domestic woodworking machinery products.Because the current domestic woodworking machinery overall technical level is close to the foreign advanced technology, the existing 69 types of more than 1100 kinds of woodworking machinery products include: general equipment and modern science and technology level of high-end products.Such as a large of all kinds of man-made board production equipment, various types of CNC machining center.

         In addition, domestic woodworking machinery standard of execution, and the international advanced equal or equivalent.Woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises with the international advanced strictly according to the equal or equivalent national standards and industry standards organization of production, to ensure the consistency of domestic woodworking machinery with advanced international standards, advanced and equality of the technical level of the product.

         Domestic equipment performance is better than that of imports
         It is well known that foreign equipment about 10 times higher than domestic equipment price, it is mainly affected by factors such as Labour, transport, intellectual property rights.Although some manufacturers in order to occupy the woodworking machinery market in China, to do business in China and also rely on cheap labor and easing the development of China's market, excluding the expensive international freight, reduces the consumption of some, but sales price is still higher than domestic.The same domestic product performance is equivalent to foreign product, the price and easily accepted by users, in this case, the author suggested based on purchasing domestic equipment.

         In addition, the domestic equipment pre-sale and after-sale service is very convenient, and the user according to production needs, in under the guidance of regional distributors or directly in the factory choose equipment, equipment in the use of any technical problems, and accessories replacement is very convenient.Technology of pre-sale and after-sale service for the domestic manufacturers have very mature, specifically, after China's entry into the WTO, the Chinese woodworking machinery enterprise especially attaches importance to honest and trustworthy management and service, strengthen the confidence level of domestic woodworking machinery

         From the support of Chinese woodworking machinery industry development, care for the national industry of China, the wood processing enterprises in the woodworking machinery when the choose and buy, should be the preferred domestic equipment, but also for the selection of foreign equipment would not be excluded.Believe that the Chinese woodworking machinery industry with the support of the broad masses of customers, will get a rapid development.