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The significance of wood drying to annatto furnitu

Release time:2016-03-21
(1) improve the dimensional stability of wood, prevent the wood from a crack and deformation.
Wood wet bilge will happen when it is exposed to the air for a long time and dry shrinkage phenomenon, and the wood uneven wet bilge drying shrinkage, tend to cause crack and deformation of lumber, affect the use, cause waste.If use wet wood or not dry good timber products (such as doors and Windows, floor, furniture, etc.), just finished sounds good, but after a period of time, as the wood drying frame skew, floor warping occurs, tenon loose or surface cracking phenomenon, cause a great loss.If production units before use, the moisture content of wood drying to the use requirement, can guarantee the stability of the wood structure of good appearance, durable.
(2) reducing the loss of drop and so on, to save timber resources, prevent mildew in wood, decay and bug eat by moth.
After sawing logs solution if not timely and improper drying or drying technology, can make the sawn timber defects such as crack, deformation, discoloration, at the same time when the lumber moisture content is between 20% ~ 100%, prone to mildew, lead to decay and bug eat by moth.Only to wood drying the moisture content is below 20% or storage in water to waive these diseases and insect pests.In our country every year for their wood out of shape, craze, decayed, bug eat by moth lose wood used (refers to manufacturing wood products) of loss is very serious.   
(3) improve the mechanical strength, improve the processing performance.
When lumber moisture content is below fibre saturation point and the strength of the wood will increase as the lumber moisture content is lower.For example when the pine by the lower moisture content of 30% to 18%, its static music intensity will be increased from 50 mpa to 110 mpa.In addition of timber, after drying can improve machining conditions, improve the strength of the wood parts, bonding strength and the surface of the wood decorative quality.Properties and conductive properties of thermal conductivity of wood is that with the change of its moisture content changes, to improve the heat preservation and insulation of lumber, ways to reduce the moisture content also is needed to reduce the thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.
(4) to reduce the quality, enhance the transport capacity.
New system of lumber drying after its quality can be reduced by 30% ~ 30% or more.So if you smoke or wood imported from port near the prize log centralism, concentrate on lumber drying to the transport of moisture content (20%), and then transport to the user area to the required final moisture content, can reduce freight, and can reduce the wait until fall wood craze, deformation etc.All in all, after drying of wood, can guarantee the quality of wood products, improve the use of wood properties, extend the use fixed number of year, thus saving the wood.Years of practice has proved that wood drying is indispensable in the production process, has become a specialized subject in science